5 disadvantages of aleppo soap that should not be underestimated

Those unsure about buying aleppo soap would do well to inform themselves about the pros and cons of this particular product. In this overview, we discuss the main practical disadvantages to consider so that you know exactly what to expect.

The restorative power of aleppo soap makes the product very popular for dry or blemished skin, pimples, or, for example, prematurely ageing skin. However, your personal experience with the product may always differ from others: in a rare case, it is even possible to intensify skin irritation by using aleppo soap.

Anyone who is introduced to this traditional soap for the first time would therefore do well to do thorough research first. We always recommend testing out the product, as using it in practice always gives the best experience, be it positive or negative.

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1. It's hard to recognise real aleppo soap 

In recent years, fake aleppo soap has increasingly appeared on the market. Unlike the real soap, these fakes often have unhealthy synthetic or chemical ingredients. Also, these unofficial variants are sometimes infected with bacteria.

This is why it is important to buy aleppo soap only from a reliable supplier. This helps ensure that you get your hands on an authentic and safe product.

An officially recognised aleppo soap must meet at least the following three criteria:

  1. The geographical origin of the product is in Aleppo, Syria
  2. The product is made from only olive oil and bayberry oil of organic origin
  3. Its characteristic colour is yellow/brown on the outside and green on the inside

2. Chance of skin irritation

Because the product is relatively high in alkaline, aleppo soap can be irritating to the skin for some people. It may cause the skin to dry out more quickly in some people, or dead skin cells may possibly come off more easily.

Alkaline in soap has a very high pH value, because otherwise the product loses its structure. By the way, all real types of soap have a pH value of at least 9 for this reason.

That aleppo soap can sometimes cause skin irritation is fairly ironic, given that most people use the soap specifically to combat skin problems.

Before you decide to buy large quantities of soap blocks, it is wise to test the product for a few days. This way, you will know what effect the product has on your body, after which you may decide to purchase a larger quantity.

3. The smell of aleppo soap is not for everyone

When you come into contact with a genuine aleppo soap, something will immediately stand out. The smell of the product is sometimes very intense, according to some it can even be called downright penetrating. For this reason, it is definitely not for every person, but at the same time, some people swear by it.

The smell of aleppo soap can vary from soap to soap. Generally, the smell is earthy-like, sometimes with a noticeable smell of smoke. The smell can be reminiscent of rain, as the soap smells slightly of wet soil.

Apart from this, olive oil and bayberry scents are also noticeable. It depends on how intense a soap block smells. This depends on how it is packaged, how old the product is, but also at what temperature and conditions it is kept.

4. Aleppo soap works especially supportive

The reasons why people choose this particular soap vary. Some people find it simply a fine organic soap, while others buy it specifically for soothing existing skin problems. 

It is important for all users to remember that aleppo soap is not a medicine. It is merely a support for dermatologically tested products that you receive from the pharmacist, for example.

This does not imply that aleppo soap cannot make a supporting contribution to the health of your skin. But this is not much different from maintaining a healthy and varied diet, or, for example, regular exercise and sports to stay healthy.

5. Aleppo soap is traditionally not vegan

The last disadvantage we discuss in this review is especially for people following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. This is because it is important to know what aleppo soap is made of. By this, we are mainly referring to the fats used to make the product.

Aleppo soap is traditionally made using only fats of animal origin. Specifically, animal fat from sheep or goats is used. This particular type of soap is therefore not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Vegans and vegetarians are thus advised to choose an alternative natural soap. Consider, for instance, a soap based on vegetable ingredients and essential oils. These can also be very good for the skin.

Disadvantages outweigh advantages

Aleppo soap is a traditional and very pleasant natural soap with great popularity. The benefits of the soap are clear: great attention to the production process, high-quality natural ingredients and, of course, the benefits for skin health.

Against this, however, there are also a few drawbacks. Those planning to buy aleppo soap should be aware of these and take note of them. Nevertheless, we also recommend people who have doubts to give the special soap a try.

At Pure Health Store, you can buy genuine traditional aleppo soap at a fair price. Our suppliers guarantee authenticity and always import through established channels.

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