Can rosemary oil help against hair loss problems?

Can rosemary oil help against hair loss problems?

Rosemary oil is widely used to promote existing hair growth. The essential oil is also increasingly used (often in combination with a natural shampoo) in a targeted manner against hair loss. For active restoration of already lost head hair, this natural remedy can also potentially have positive effects.

A scientific pilot in 2015 concluded that rosemary oil was as effective against male and female hair loss as minoxidil, a popular drug for baldness. Personal experience also strongly suggests that rosemary oil can protect the scalp from hair loss.

Several scientific studies have praised the hair-restoring effect rosemary oil can have. Although the ultimate miracle cure for baldness has not yet been found, the natural remedy can certainly be of interest to people suffering from androgenetic alopecia or similar hair conditions.

What is rosemary oil anyway?

Rosemary oil is a natural essential oil, which is distilled from the flowers and leaves of rosemary plant (Rosmarinus officinalis). The extract is known for its stimulating, calming and pain-relieving properties.

The positive properties people attribute to this wondrous plant are deeply rooted in history. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptian and Hebrew peoples, among others, used the plant as medicine for centuries.

Today, this essential oil is widely used in the world of aromatherapy, where it is attributed stress-reducing properties, among others. However, its science-based applications are mainly focused on the health of both hair and scalp.

What is rosemary oil used for?

The main uses of rosemary essential oil focus on its use for the scalp and hair. The essential oil could also have potential benefits for general health and personal well-being.

Rosemary oil is widely used in the following context, among others:

  • Hair growth: Massaging a few drops of rosemary oil into the scalp twice daily for prolonged periods would according to scientific research do as much for hair thickness as using minoxidil, a well-known drug for baldness. At the same time, users experience fewer side effects, such as itching and dandruff.
  • Against hair loss: Both people the suffer from androgenetic alopecia (baldness at the temples and top of the head due to overproduction of male hormones) as irregular hair loss can be reduced with regular use of diluted rosemary oil possibly help to reverse the effects of these conditions.
  • Healthy scalp: Rosemary oil has a moisturising effect on the scalp and can potentially target dandruff and itch symptoms.
  • Healthy blood circulation: Good blood circulation in the scalp can potentially contribute to healthy hair growth. If you suffer a lot from cold hands and feet, it could be due to poor blood circulation. Locally massaging the skin with rosemary oil may possibly help to counter these effects. The oil can possibly help open up blood vessels to help blood flow with this.

Other possible positive effects

Besides its uses for the scalp, hair growth and hair loss, rosemary oil is also widely used as an aid in other contexts. These include the following uses:

  • Counteracting inflammation: Inflamed joints, swelling, stiffness and pain in knees, elbows, shoulders, or wrists (e.g. due to rheumatism) can potentially be relieved with the use of rosemary oil. Simply massage the essential oil on (and deeper into) the joints daily for about 15 minutes.
  • Pain management: Some studies in combination with acupressure therapy (a therapy similar to massage) state that the combined use of deep massage with the essential oil could relieve pain locally.
  • Mental stimulation: Several positive effects on the brain are attributed to rosemary oil. Rosemary oil diffusers in a small room could potentially have positive effects against fatigue. The remedy would also give memory a boost can give.
  • Stress relief: Stress and anxiety on can potentially be relieved through a rosemary oil diffuser. The essential oil can potentially work positively in the short term in preparation for, say, an exam, or a similar acute stressful situation.

Rosemary oil: how to use against hair loss?

Rosemary oil is mainly used for hair in three different ways. In order of popularity, these are the following methods:

  1. Massage directly into the scalp: Mix 5 drops of rosemary oil with a carrier oil like jojoba oil or coconut oil. Let the mix soak evenly into the scalp for 5 to 10 minutes for optimal hydration. Helps reduce itching and dandruff. Rinsing with warm water is optional, but letting it soak in for a long time is important.
  2. Mixing with shampoo: Just add 5 drops of the essential oil per 30g of shampoo (two teaspoons). Rosemary oil is sometimes mixed with other skin care products. These include conditioners, lotions and creams.
  3. Add to homemade shampoo: A homemade natural shampoo can suit your personal needs. Many recipes for homemade shampoos can be found on the internet. Our advice is to try a mix with camomile oil to try.

For optimal effect, it is wise to use the mix twice a day. Let it soak deep into the scalp to get the desired effect. It can be used while showering, but if you want to massage it directly into the scalp, the mix can also be applied 'dry'.

Rinsing out the oil, as mentioned, is not necessarily necessary unless you are using a shampoo. Allow several months of consistent use to observe the possible changes in hair growth or hair thickness.

Rosemary oil may work against hair loss

Gradual baldness (androgenetic alopecia) in both sexes not only has major external consequences, but can also have a major negative effect on the psychological well-being of people who experience the effects of this condition.

A natural remedy like rosemary oil can help restore lost hair, but should certainly not be seen as a panacea. It is important to stress that the magic solution to hair loss does not exist. However, rosemary oil can potentially help slow or even reverse the process of hair loss.

Rosemary plant essential oil can also potentially help improve blood circulation in the scalp. Then, it can then have positive effects on hair growth and reduce itching or dandruff.

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