Natural deodorant

Natural deodorant without aluminium works by targeting the bacteria that cause unpleasant odours. And not like deodorants with aluminium, which clog the pores, preventing sweat from getting out and being "trapped" in your body.

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How does deodorant work?

Most deodorant from the supermarket contains aluminium. Aluminium causes the pores under the armpit to become clogged, simply preventing sweat from coming out of the pores. The sweat is then trapped inside your body. But the truth is that perspiration has a function. Among other things, perspiration clears waste products from the body. So by disrupting this process means that the waste products remain in your body.

Natural deodorant without aluminium

The deodorant that we offer works differently. Perspiration continues as normal but the smell of sweat is dealt with. Sweat actually only smells when it comes into contact with bacteria on the skin. Natural deodorant helps to stop these bacteria. This prevents a nasty sweat smell from developing.

What is natural deodorant and why should I use it?

Natural deodorant is a deodorant that contains no synthetic chemicals or aluminium. Instead, it uses natural ingredients to neutralise odour and reduce perspiration. Using natural deodorant is often recommended because of its potential health benefits and avoidance of harmful substances.

Does Pure Health Store offer natural deodorant on their website?

Yes, Pure Health Store offers a wide range of natural deodorants on their website. They have different brands and variants available, so you can choose a natural deodorant that suits your preferences and needs.

Are natural deodorants effective in preventing body odour?

Yes, natural deodorants can be effective in neutralising body odour. They contain natural ingredients such as essential oils and antibacterials that help fight odour. It is important to note that effectiveness can vary depending on the person and the specific deodorant formula.

Are there any specific brands of natural deodorant that Pure Health Store recommends?

Pure Health Store offers several brands of natural deodorant and each brand has its own unique properties. On the website, you can check out the descriptions and customer reviews of the different brands to make an informed choice based on your personal preference.

Can I order natural deodorant from Pure Health Store and have it delivered?

Yes, you can natural deodorant order from Pure Health Store via their website. During the ordering process, you can select your desired deodorant and choose delivery. Make sure you enter the correct delivery information to ensure your order is delivered correctly.