Facial serum

A facial serum is a powerful tool for taking care of your skin. It contains high concentrations of active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin and tackle the signs of ageing. Whether you are looking for wrinkle reduction, radiant skin or a healthy glow, a facial serum can help transform your skin.

facial serum
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What is a facial serum?

Every skin can use a little help to glow from time to time. After all, everyday life can sometimes leave its mark. Too much stress, too little sleep, too much sun... All circumstances that are not very kind to the skin.

Using a facial serum provides the support your skin needs. A facial serum contains a very high content of active ingredients.

Facial serums help your skin look younger by increasing its natural moisture levels. They work by strengthening the skin's natural protective layers and stimulating essential regeneration processes.

How do you use a facial serum?

Always make sure your skin is clean before using a facial serum. Preferably use a sulfate-free facial cleanser and as few parabens as possible. By doing so, you ensure that your skin is disturbed as little as possible.

Always apply a face serum before applying a face cream apply. After applying the face serum, feel free to apply a cream.

When applying a face serum, apply it gently with your fingers or a sponge. Gently massage it into your skin until it is evenly distributed. You should avoid rubbing your face vigorously while applying the serum as this can cause irritation and premature ageing of the skin. Let the serum soak in gently.

Feel free to use a face serum on a daily basis.

How do I choose the right face serum for my skin?

A facial serum, unlike a cream, is often used to address a specific problem. For example, sensitive skin. So first decide what problem you want to address. And then find the face serum that suits it.

Who is a face serum for?

A face serum is suitable for adult skin. For teenagers, the use of a face serum is not directly recommended.