Facial cleansers

Keeping your face clean is one of the most important parts of daily hygiene. With a natural facial cleanser, you give your face the attention it deserves. With ingredients that are gentle on your skin.

natural facial cleansers
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Cleanse your face every day with a natural facial cleanser

It is very important to cleanse your face at least once a day before going to bed. This way, you make sure all the dirt is off your face.

When you go to sleep with a dirty face, this dirt goes "to work" during the night. And that can mean inflammation on your face and premature ageing.

Cleansing your face at least once a day will already prevent a lot of trouble.

You can use a facial cleanser for this. Make sure you use a facial cleanser that suits your skin. Standard facial cleansers from the supermarket are usually full of sulphates (foam makers) and parabens (preservatives). These chemicals are far from friendly to every skin.

Some people are better off using a facial cleanser without sulphates and parabens. For example, they get facial redness or develop sensitive or dry skin. Natural facial cleansers do not contain sulphates and parabens and are thus much gentler on the skin.

Paraben-free facial cleanser

So parabens are the preservatives in facial cleansers, or E numbers. They ensure that facial cleansers stay good longer, and that no moulds can develop in the facial cleanser. Very good, in other words. But many people are still very reluctant to use products containing parabens.

Of course, the number of parabens in cosmetics is always neatly within the limits of the maximum allowed. However, it is not known how many products containing parabens we use every day, and therefore what the total sum of all parabens combined is.

Sulfate-free facial cleanser

Sulphates are added to facial cleansers because they lather up nicely and because they cleanse well. Some cleanse so well that they also wash all the natural oils off the skin. And those natural oils are supposed to keep the skin balanced. So for many people, sulphates upset the skin balance. The skin becomes dry, tight or red. When the face is then cleansed again, this worsens. Some people are therefore better off using a facial cleanser without sulphates. Those facial cleansers without sulphates may foam less, but clean at least as well.